Subway and Burger King Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

Subway and Burger King Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

Subway is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world, boasting over 33,000 locations in more than 100 countries. Whether you’re grabbing lunch on the go or planning a meal for the whole
family, it’s important to know what prices to expect when ordering from Subway. In this blog post, we’ll
provide a comprehensive guide to Subway prices and help you make an informed decision when
planning your next meal.

Subway and Burger King Menu Prices


Subway sandwiches are priced based on their size and ingredients. The classic 6-inch sandwich starts at $3.50 and increases in price as additional meats and vegetables are added. Customers can also opt for a footlong sandwich starting at $5.50 for the basic option and increasing in price with additional ingredients.


Subway salads are offered in three sizes—a small side salad for $2.50, a regular salad for $4.25, and a large salad for $6.00 (all prices include tax). Salads come with assorted vegetables and customers can add meat or cheese for an additional fee of .50 cents per ingredient. Some locations may also offer pasta salads as well as other specialty salads that vary in price depending on ingredients chosen.


Subway offers several extras that can be added to any order including chips ($1), cookies ($1), drinks ($1-$2), breakfast items ($2-3) soups ($2-3), and flatbreads ($3). Prices may vary slightly by location so it’s best to check with your local subway Preise before placing your order.

With its wide variety of options, Subway is one of the most popular fast food restaurants around the world. Knowing what prices to expect can help you plan your meals accordingly and save money in the process! This guide should give you an idea of how much your meal will cost at Subway so that you can make an informed decision about what to order next time you visit!

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How much does a monthly subway pass cost?

The cost for a monthly subway pass varies significantly depending on where you live. In most US cities, monthly passes range from $45 to $110 per month. For example, in Chicago, a monthly pass costs between $90 and $105 depending on the area you are visiting; whereas in San Francisco it is about $75 per month for adults or seniors.

In Europe, it usually costs around 30€–50€ ($35-$58) per month depending on the city and country. For example, an unlimited ride metro ticket in Amsterdam will cost €72 ($83) while one in Milan will just be €35 ($41). In London, they have something called an Oyster card which allows passengers to pay as they go with fares starting at £2.90 (around $3.80).

Additionally, there may be discounts available including student discounts or reduced-price fares for people with disabilities or low-income households. It’s always best to check your local transit authority website for exact details and prices that are applicable to your situation.

In the United States, average subway fares have increased every year since 2009, but that trend appears to be slowing down as of late 2019. Overall, in The United States, subway fares are usually adjusted at least once a year and raises are typically between 2 and 5%. This can differ based on the region you’re in some cities raise the fare significantly more than others.


Burger King’s Menu – Something for Everyone!

Looking for something delicious to eat? Look no further than Burger King. With its wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more, Burger King has something for everyone in the family. Let’s explore some of the menu options that you can find at your local Burger King.

When it comes to burgers, menu burger king is one of the best. Whether you’re a fan of flame-grilled burgers or prefer a classic cheeseburger, there are many options available. The Whopper has been a favorite since 1957 and is still one of their most popular items today. For something different, try the BK Veggie burger or the Impossible Whopper for those looking for a plant-based option

What is on the Burger King Secret Menu?

  1. The Burger King BLT
  2. The Burger King Club
  3. The Burger King Ham & Cheese
  4. Frings
  5. Mustard Whopper
  6. Rodeo Burger
  7. Suicide Burger
  8. Veggie Burger

Chicken and Bacon Cheddar Ranch Sandwiches

If you’re not in the mood for a burger, there are plenty of other options that Burger King offers as well. From Crispy Chicken sandwiches to Grilled Chicken sandwiches, there are plenty of choices when it comes to chicken sandwiches. They also offer an array of other delicious sandwiches such as Fish fillet sandwiches and Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch sandwiches.

Does Burger King Have Salads? The answer to this question is yes, Burger King does have salads

Classic Garden salad and Caesar salad with chicken

Don’t forget about their sides! You can choose from fries or onion rings; or if you want something healthier, they have Garden Salads such as the Classic Garden salad and Caesar salad with chicken. If you’re watching your calorie intake they also offer smaller side salads like the Apple Bites salad and Garden Side salad. And don’t forget about dessert! There are shakes, sundaes, and even soft serve ice cream cones available at most locations so that no one will go away hungry

No matter what you’re craving – whether it’s a juicy burger or something on the lighter side – Burger King has something for everyone on its menu. With so many delicious options available at reasonable prices, it’s easy to see why people keep coming back to Burger King time after time! So next time you find yourself at Burger King make sure to explore all their amazing menu items – there’s definitely something here that everyone will love.

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What is the history of Burger King?

The history of Burger King goes back to 1953 when the Insta-Burger King restaurant opened in Jacksonville, Florida. It was founded by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns and it was initially a franchise of the Insta-Burger Machine company from Atlanta that had been selling freshly prepared hamburgers since 1937.

In 1954, two Miami entrepreneurs named David Edgerton and James McLamore took over the business, renaming it Burger King. The company quickly grew with prominent advertisements across print magazines such as Life Magazine and Time Magazine as well as radio commercials on local radio stations.

Throughout its early years, Burger King locations continued to expand while offering new menu items such as fish sandwiches in 1957 followed by milkshakes in 1958 called “ShakeEms” which were made using its special shake machines known as the Blendosauruses created by Edgerton who earned himself an opera singer nicknamed “T-Bone” for his efforts in creating them

By 1967 there were 250 BK locations across America and another 500 internationally throughou Canada, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and even Guam! The Whopper sandwich also launched this year making history alongside other iconic food item introductions like McDonald’s Big Mac sandwich or KFC’s Famous Bowls

Fast forward today where there are currently more than 17000 locations around the world making burger king one biggest players within industry think happy meals super bowl ads kids clubs much more contribute worldwide success brand has enjoyed decades enjoy your visit next time you stop into bk

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