Governor Sindh Free IT Courses Registration 2023

Governor Sindh Free IT Courses Registration 2023

Governor Kamran Khan Tessori announces the launch of a website for registration in IT courses at the Governor House. Register at for AI, Metaverse, and Web 3 courses. A screening test will select 50,000 youth for these cutting-edge programs.

Sindh Governor, Kamran Khan Tessori, has announced an ambitious initiative to provide free IT training courses to the youth of Sindh, with the goal of training 50,000 individuals in various fields of Information Technology (IT). The historic Governor House in Karachi, typically reserved for elite visitors, will be repurposed to conduct these courses, allowing young people to kickstart their careers in the IT course industry, even without a formal degree.

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He emphasized his mission to train youth in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, metaverse, and web 03. He said that around 5 lac persons would be invited for screening test from which a batch of 50,000 would be selected for the first phase of this program under Governor’s initiative.

The pace of technological change is accelerating, big players like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and OpenAI are winning by providing infrastructure, large AI foundation models, frameworks, 3D Metaverse experiences, and massive distribution networks.

Solopreneurs trained in this program will win by automating work typically outsourced to employees, by directly connecting to customers by eliminating the middleman, and by developing vertical metaverses, thus paving the way for the first billion-dollar valued solopreneur businesses. This program has the objective to train this new breed of billion-dollar solopreneurs. These solopreneurs will adopt the ultra-lean business model and work independently and will not need to hire employees or other team members.

Core Courses Sequence For Governor Sindh Free IT Courses
Governor Sindh Free IT Courses Registration 2023

Core Courses Sequence For Governor Sindh Free IT Courses

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Web2 Using NextJS
  • Earn as You Learn

Advanced Courses For Governor Sindh Free IT Courses

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web 3 and Metaverse
  • Cloud-Native Computing
  • Ambient Computing and IoT
  • Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Network Programmability and Automation

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